Definition of tabor in English:


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  • A small drum, especially one used simultaneously by the player of a simple pipe.

    ‘Dance bands have varied from the medieval one-man band of pipe and tabor to the small symphony orchestras of Johann Strauss.’
    • ‘Musicians will play pipes, tabors and sackbuts, to recreate the music from court and country.’
    • ‘They sing a catch, the tune of which Ariel invisibly plays on a tabor and pipe.’
    • ‘The snare drum of the set resembles the side drum of the symphony orchestra - both drums derive from the medieval tabor.’
    • ‘As the pipe and tabor joined in the tune, Loraine and her partner clasped hands high and walked three steps before turning and going back the other way.’



/ˈtābər/ /ˈteɪbər/


Middle English from Old French tabour ‘drum’; perhaps related to Persian tabīra ‘drum’. Compare with tambour.