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informal North American
short for tachometer
‘Pulling into the upper third of the tach, one is treated to a deep-toned snarl that's both burly and refined.’
  • ‘The flight was 25 miles in total and my ground speed was 60 mph with the bar in and about 6,000 revs on the tach.’
  • ‘Without any drama at all, the car just moves with the tach registering the same 900 rpm.’
  • ‘But now I'm nailed to my leather seat as the speedometer passes 135 mph, the tach hits 8,200 rpm, and the church is a dancing dot in our rearview mirror.’
  • ‘The drive home from the office at rush hour consists of interminable shifting, idling, shifting, idling, the studied interplay of gears, the running up of the tach and hearing the engine whine with pure metal glee…’
  • ‘There's no relaxing because with the tight transmission ratios, the tach jumps right back to redline.’
  • ‘I didn't have the rpm where I wanted them, and I looked down at the tach for just a second, and that's when the light went green.’
  • ‘He unwittingly rolled into the staging beam while he was looking down at the tach, and he was caught off guard when the light came on.’
  • ‘That theme carries through to the steering column-mounted tach and all the rings and things that make up the gearbox area and cupholders.’
  • ‘I can't even tell where the tach is, much less what speed I'm going at!’
  • ‘I looked down at the tach and the thing was down 6500 rpm and had to get going again.’
  • ‘He had a pair of Bride racing seats and Autometer 5-inch tach mounted on the dash.’



/tak/ /tæk/