Definition of tachygraphic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtakiˈɡrafik/


See tachygraphy

‘In the dedicatory letter to Secondino of Taormina, the pontiff speaks of the existence of another unauthorised copy circulated by fratres ferventes who obtained and divulged a text drawn on tachygraphic transcriptions preserved in the Lateran archive.’
  • ‘Cicero's freed slave, Tiro, is generally described as authoring the first truly tachygraphic system, one that more or less enabled verbatim reporting of human speech, by codifying a set of forms - symbols that by their shape and position represented common words.’
  • ‘Whether the tachygraphic writing on our tablets represents Tironian notes as known from the Carolingian period (Mentz's System A), or whether, as we think less likely, it represents either of those known from Ravenna, or whether it represents something different from any of the known systems, we do not feel competent to judge.’
  • ‘All of these features point to early in the Type II typological sequence, though this is not necessarily indicative of an early absolute date.… It is the furthest away from the casual, tachygraphic inscriptions of Gurness of Burrian.’
  • ‘They generally fall into three categories: suspensions, in which the end of the word is abbreviated, signaled by the use of a horizontal bar or another graphic symbol; contractions in which another part of the word is abbreviated with the use of a graphic symbol; abbreviation symbols, used for whole words and often derived from tachygraphic systems of antiquity.’