Definition of tacitly in English:


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  • In a way that is understood or implied without being directly stated.

    ‘the production company has tacitly encouraged the internet phenomenon of fan films’
    • ‘the truth that goes unspoken but is tacitly understood’
    • ‘A government official tacitly accepted that new tests are needed.’
    • ‘She tacitly accepts his offer.’
    • ‘The people of the community tacitly withdraw their support.’
    • ‘By reconstructing her army life, she tacitly demonstrates women's equality with men.’
    • ‘We still trudge off to work in the morning, tacitly accepting that we're stuck with whatever life deals us.’
    • ‘Tacitly, the land became private property.’
    • ‘Not taking legal action would mean tacitly accepting the decision of ministers.’
    • ‘He was tacitly agreeing that her talents were worthless.’
    • ‘Surely he has tacitly consented, despite his irresponsible attitude.’
    • ‘He was tacitly encouraging him to act in this way.’



/ˈtasətlē/ /ˈtæsətli/