Definition of taciturnly in English:



See taciturn

‘I asked him which books and music he took with him and he taciturnly told me they shared a few entertainment items.’
  • ‘Judgment is passed on the two main actors who had been taciturnly, but coyly, perched for long hours, and have been sized up again and again under the unrelenting gaze of the critics.’
  • ‘‘Guess I was wrong then,’ he mumbled taciturnly, as he faded back into the crowd of police investigators.’
  • ‘But ‘Recollection’ here refers not to the events directly but to those past, childish thoughts of a beautiful communion; a communion in sharp contrast to the distances and isolations in which the poem is taciturnly veiled.’
  • ‘The interior is wood-paneled stuffiness personified, the clientele are fairly ancient, and there's just one waitress who will, if the restaurant is more than half full, inform you taciturnly that your food ‘might take a while.’’



/ˈtasəˌtərnlē/ /ˈtæsəˌtərnli/