Definition of tack coat in English:

tack coat


  • (in roadmaking) a thin coating of tar or asphalt applied before a road is paved to form an adhesive bond.

    ‘Placement on that half of the intersection was completed when a tack coat was sprayed on to seal the moisture in and prepare for the asphalt placement.’
    • ‘Paving equipment on wet tack coat may result in tracking, which typically occurs in the wheel paths.’
    • ‘If the surface has been stabilized with an asphalt based dust suppressant a tack coat is not required.’
    • ‘No more tack coat should be applied to an area than can be covered by the same day's paving operations.’
    • ‘Notice the streaky coverage of the poor tack coat and the near complete coverage of the good tack coat.’
    • ‘It is strongly recommended to apply a light tack coat between each lift of bituminous pavement.’
    • ‘For example, tack coats are normally emulsions of asphalt in water, often stabilized by a surfactant.’
    • ‘On smaller jobs where a spray unit isn't feasible, the tack coat may be applied by a brush.’
    • ‘Second, the effect of using a tack coat was evaluated by examining samples taken from in-service airport pavements.’
    • ‘The importance of tack coats in pavement performance means that bituminous emulsions are constantly being improved.’
    • ‘These findings will provide documentation of the importance of tack coat and interface conditions on overlay performance.’
    • ‘Our asphalt cutbacks can be used in various surface treatments, including seal coating, tack coats, cold mix applications and patching operations.’
    • ‘It is a modified asphalt emulsion for tack coats that is far less sticky to tires, thus helping to keep the site clean.’


tack coat

/tak kōt/ /tæk koʊt/