Definition of taconite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtakəˌnīt/ /ˈtækəˌnaɪt/


  • A low-grade iron ore consisting largely of chert, occurring in the US chiefly around Lake Superior.

    • ‘She was loaded with 26,000 tons of taconite at Superior, WI, on Nov.9, 1975 and left the port of Duluth-Superior, at the western end of Lake Superior shortly after 2: 00 p.m. in fair weather but with a foul forecast lying in wait.’
    • ‘The Mesabi Iron Range contains some 110 miles of small towns built at the turn of the last century along a seam of iron ore called taconite.’
    • ‘An increasingly important source of iron for commercial uses is taconite, a mixture of hematite and silica.’


Early 20th century from the name of the Taconic Range of mountains, US, + -ite.



/ˈtakəˌnīt/ /ˈtækəˌnaɪt/