Definition of tactfully in English:


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  • With skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.

    ‘wise yet tactfully handled advice’
    • ‘she was trying tactfully to get rid of him’
    • ‘Cara remained tactfully silent on the matter’
    • ‘She was trying tactfully to get rid of him.’
    • ‘Tactfully, he does not accompany it with a note drawing attention to his generosity.’
    • ‘The question is how can she bring up the topic tactfully, without hurting her father?’
    • ‘I tactfully refused to comment.’
    • ‘He changed the subject tactfully.’
    • ‘I tactfully refrained from saying anything.’
    • ‘He tactfully avoided the subject of his family.’
    • ‘She tactfully averted her eyes.’
    • ‘We tactfully decline their kind offer.’
    • ‘I had decided that I should raise the issue tactfully towards the end of our conversation.’



/ˈtak(t)f(ə)lē/ /ˈtæk(t)f(ə)li/