Definition of taenite in English:



  • A nickel-iron alloy occurring as lamellae and strips in meteorites.

    ‘More than ten minerals have been found in the Nantan meteorites with kamacite and taenite dominant.’
    • ‘The most common meteorite mineral is the native iron alloys - kamasite, taenite and others.’
    • ‘The rate at which an asteroid core cools as well as the amount of taenite contained in the metal affects the thickness of the kamacite bands in the Widmanstätten pattern.’
    • ‘Because of the virtual absence of taenite in hexahedrites, polished surfaces of these meteorites are featureless except for the occasional presence of fine striations known as Neumann lines.’
    • ‘Ataxites consist primarily of nickel-rich taenite, and kamacite is found only in the form of microscopic lamellae and spindles.’



/ˈtēnīt/ /ˈtinaɪt/


Mid 19th century from taenia + -ite.