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tag wrestling

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  • A form of wrestling involving tag teams.

    ‘More successful attractions included tag wrestling, Highland dancing, popstars Shane and Ray Columbus, marching teams, brass bands, a funhouse and even performing police dogs.’
    • ‘Once there was a mix-up at the manufacturers and one of the company's classical DVDs ended up with porn and tag wrestling on it.’
    • ‘But finally, between the last two Wrestlemania's, tag wrestling was becoming solid and important.’
    • ‘To be a part of this rebirth in tag wrestling is good.’
    • ‘I have always been a LOD mark, and they are the team that really got me into liking tag wrestling over singles wrestling.’
    • ‘Johnny's stamped his authority on tag wrestling even more, being one-half of the most prolific tag team champions of all time, but despite his two previous World Titles he has yet to solidify his position in the main event with a lengthy run with the belt.’