Definition of tahr in English:



  • A goatlike mammal that inhabits cliffs and mountain slopes in Oman, southern India, and the Himalayas.

    Compare with thar

    Genus Hemitragus, family Bovidae: three species

    ‘He turns his lens time and again to the majesty and grace of the tahr, the endangered mountain goat found in the Western Ghats.’
    • ‘Animal rights activists have reacted with anger after authorities began a cull of more than 100 rare Himalayan tahrs on Table Mountain, Cape Town's most famous landmark.’
    • ‘The Himalayan tahr was successfully introduced to the South Island of New Zealand during 1904-1919 and now has a breeding range of approximately 5000 km.’
    • ‘The moufflons are similar to the Nilgiri tahr, found in the Western Ghats of Southern India.’
    • ‘Along the way you may even sight the Himalayan red panda, musk deer, leopards, black bear, goral and tahr in the national park.’
    • ‘A type of alpine goat, the tahr is a native of Nepal and was released in New Zealand in 1903.’
    • ‘Usually, those who love such natural vistas are also keen wildlife watchers, and the lucky can spot Himalayan black bear, musk deer, brown bear and tahr, butterflies and, if a miracle happens, the snow leopard.’
    • ‘Dr. Kalam, who has lived in Kerala for several years as a missile scientist at the Vikram Sarabai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, is familiar with Munnar and the tahr, an endangered species roaming the cliffs of the High Ranges.’
    • ‘Our friend and guide, Anup, an ornithologist, doing research in the valley, said that two weeks ago he had sighted a tiger stalking a tahr.’
    • ‘These are home to several fauna like the endangered Nilgiri tahr, marten and primates like the langur.’
    • ‘During the first week of March when the park opens its doors to curious visitors who have been kept away for 50 days, they would naturally be expecting to see more tahrs in close vicinity.’
    • ‘The High Ranges are home to the Nilgiri tahrs and Nilakurinji - two of the more famous fauna and flora.’
    • ‘Mr. Prasad, born and brought up in Munnar, described as ‘Goat's own country ’, is a renowned wildlife photographer who has keenly followed the Nilgiri tahr for the past 25 years.’
    • ‘Endangered and keystone species, like the Nilgiri tahr, constitute the basis for bio-diversity conservation.’
    • ‘The exhibition will have a philately counter facilitating the cancellation and sale of special covers featuring the Indian elephant and Nilgiri tahr.’



/tär/ /tɑr/


Mid 19th century from Urdu.