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tail end

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in singular
  • The last or hindmost part of something.

    ‘the tail end of a herd of cattle’
    • ‘the tail end of the 19th century’
    • ‘Five minutes later I'm sliding around outside in the tail end of a whopper American snowstorm.’
    • ‘The tail end of this long piece is the most purely beautiful five minutes of sound I've heard in a couple years at least.’
    • ‘The front-runners were in after an hour plus, the tail end came in half an hour plus later.’
    • ‘Although Garrymore's second goal did not materialise until the tail end of the hour, they were unquestionably the superior side.’
    • ‘It's good to have such tight ties to your home base, but don't miss out on the tail end of the summer season.’
    • ‘Anyone who invested in retail shares towards the tail end of 2000 has done very well for his or herself.’
    • ‘I use a portion cut from the tail end of a whole tuna loin for this dish and marinate it overnight.’
    • ‘We arrived in St. George at the tail end of the fleet.’
    • ‘Travel at the end of March, the tail end of the rainy season, to get the good airfare.’
    • ‘It was built in the 1870s at the tail end of the gold rush.’
    • ‘Be sure to mark off these dates at the tail end of the summer for the free dance performances at the Théâtre de Verdure in the heart of Parc Lafontaine.’
    • ‘I'm on the tail end of my lunch break and I'm going to spend the last bit writing thank you notes for presents, so I'm off for now.’
    • ‘Last year the field was slightly smaller, around 30,000, because it came at the tail end of the foot and mouth crisis.’
    • ‘The only people who will be enjoying the tail end of this residential boom will be those who are selling family homes that they have owned for many a year.’
    • ‘So, I hop back into the car, travel about half a mind up the road, and come upon the tail end of the most amazing sunset I've seen in ages.’
    • ‘One evening, Mehmet wanders into a pub at the tail end of a football match and finds himself swept up in a euphoric throng.’
    • ‘The system was actually able to measure the tail end of the Sumatra tsunami as it rolled upon the shores of Canada's west side.’
    • ‘Just finished the tail end of what turned out to be a couple of months of endless travel - and working.’
    • ‘Over the past two years financial markets worldwide have never had it as tough since the tail end of the 1930's.’
    • ‘I came into journalism in the late 1980s at the tail end of crusader journalism.’
    close, end, conclusion, termination, tail end


tail end

/ˈˌtāl ˈend/ /ˈˌteɪl ˈɛnd/