Definition of tail male in English:

tail male


mass nounLaw
  • The limitation of the succession of property or title to male descendants.

    ‘Henry VI granted the reversion of Feckenham Forest to Henry, Duke of Warwick, in tail male’
    • ‘As I have said, the Defendants claim that the rights under the s. 2 reverter passed, under the devise of the Somerset Estate in the 4th Duke's Will, to F. W. Forester for life with remainder to his sons in tail male.’
    • ‘In 1727 the entire estate, as it then stood, was settled on the eldest son Thomas in tail male, with remainders to each of his brothers, also in tail male, and a final remainder jointly to his sisters.’
    • ‘Thanks to my one-time proficiency in English land law, specifically the mysteries of the ‘fee tail male,’ I have always been able to explain to puzzled fellow Americans why the unctuous Mr. Collins was heir to the Bennet house and property.’