Definition of tailorbird in English:



  • A small southern Asian warbler that makes a row of holes in one or two large leaves and stitches them together with cottony fibers or silk to form a container for the nest.

    Genus Orthotomus, family Sylviidae: several species

    ‘Collected here in 1945, the tailorbirds remained ignored until a 2001 expedition revisited the massif.’
    • ‘Some tailorbirds prove to be closely related to cisticolas and prinias, in the family Cisticolidae.’
    • ‘We had some luck with bad views of a Blue-capped Kingfisher, but a pair of Rufous-headed tailorbirds was well seen.’
    • ‘All day long, the tailorbirds forage for worms to feed their chick, which often turns out to be a plaintive cuckoo that's been left in their nest.’
    • ‘A lot of birds from lapwings, robins, mynas, flycatchers, sunbirds, tailorbirds, warblers, babblers, barbets, francolins, orioles, pigeons and doves have nested on our property.’
    • ‘The tailorbird splices the short fibres together to make longer pieces.’
    • ‘This is the home of a colorful mixture of jungle birds: white-bellied woodswallows, Asian fairy bluebirds, pied imperial pigeons, and ashy tailorbirds, among others.’
    • ‘Birds present include the bulbuls, babblers, barbets, kingfishers, shamas, drongos, pigeons, woodpeckers and tailorbirds.’
    • ‘Other residents include egrets, moor hens, herons, coots, white-necked storks, lapwings, grey wagtails, grebes, black droungos, green bee-eaters, tailorbirds, magpies and robins as well as numerous species of migratory birds like flamingos that often visit the place.’



/ˈtālərˌbərd/ /ˈteɪlərˌbərd/