Definition of take-out double in English:

take-out double


  • A double which, by convention, requires one's partner to bid, used to convey information rather than to score penalty points.

    • ‘A take-out double has no upper limit of strength and may be the first move on a really big hand.’
    • ‘The effort to separate penalty doubles from take-out doubles has become more difficult in recent years, as experts have developed special agreements about some low-level situations.’
    • ‘It's a take-out double by the defense after your partner has bid.’
    • ‘You can make a take-out double with two cards in the opponent's suit but just remember, the worse your distribution the more points you should have.’
    • ‘North-South were playing negative (take-out) doubles of overcalls, so South either had to pass - hoping that his partner would re-open with a take-out double that could be passed - or begin with a negative double.’