Definition of take (or get or have) the measure of in English:

take (or get or have) the measure of


  • Assess or have assessed the character, nature, or abilities of (someone or something)

    ‘he's got her measure—she won't fool him’
    • ‘Until we can break through that, we can't take the measure of what is really representative.’
    • ‘We spend a lot of time evaluating and taking the measure of markets.’
    • ‘Doing so would make it easier to find the criminals and to take the measure of any systemic threats.’
    • ‘I believe it's because we never got the measure of the man.’
    • ‘One way of getting the measure of any designer is to contrast them with their contemporaries.’
    • ‘In that single glance, his eyes took the measure of my soul.’
    • ‘In these you take the measure of his enormous talent as a draftsman and colorist.’
    • ‘Anderson seems to have the measure of the lobbyists.’
    • ‘Just when you think you have the measure of the plot, it leaps away from you.’
    • ‘They found this a useful way to get the measure of their visitors before actually meeting them; now more than ever, it was proving useful.’
    evaluate, assess, gauge, judge, weigh up