Definition of take (or have) pity in English:

take (or have) pity


  • Show compassion.

    ‘the old couple took pity on him and gave him food’
    • ‘Perhaps you, too, may laugh at me, but you will relent and have pity on me.’
    • ‘Finally she took pity on me, and explained that she was Romanian.’
    • ‘I allowed him to stay at my home because I took pity on him.’
    • ‘After beginning the game, Robert took pity on me after I apparently made some moves that were questionable.’
    • ‘It seems the Crown Office took pity on one of them.’
    • ‘But Mrs Cowling said she took pity on him and gave him cash.’
    • ‘He took pity on me and we left the US with one heavily sedated dog.’
    • ‘The staff of a mission school took pity on him and educated him - an intervention that changed his life radically.’
    • ‘Another exile took pity on them and gave them shelter for a while.’
    • ‘One nurse took pity on me and procured a gym mat and a sheet, which I placed on the floor next to my mother's bed.’
    feel sorry for, relent, show sympathy for, show compassion towards, be compassionate towards, be charitable towards, be sympathetic towards, have mercy on, show mercy to, help, help out, put someone out of their misery