Definition of take (or seize) the initiative in English:

take (or seize) the initiative


  • Be the first to take action in a particular situation.

    ‘antihunting groups have seized the initiative in the dispute’
    • ‘Make no mistake, your staff already knows who the dead wood is, and they'll respect you for taking the initiative to fix the situation.’
    • ‘Experts say, however, that it is up to the employee to take the initiative to better their situation.’
    • ‘I've been meaning to get my act together for a while now and last week I finally took the initiative to overhaul my home office.’
    • ‘The fact is that Congress took the initiative to reduce the number of those.’
    • ‘Subordinate commanders took the initiative and exploited opportunities as they arose.’
    • ‘I was shocked that it was Ryan that took the initiative and closed the remaining space in between our lips.’
    • ‘Still plagued by the handling errors prevalent in their game against Hawks last weekend, Hawick provided Currie's forwards with some perfect opportunities to seize the initiative.’
    • ‘Under the positive leadership of Moyles, the visitors seized the initiative.’
    • ‘Britain seized the initiative from the start, twice ignoring the chance to kick at goal and each time their enterprise paid off with tries.’
    • ‘Rangers quickly seized the initiative, hustling well and exuding a quiet authority that was in contrast to their opponents' jitteriness.’