Definition of take a bow in English:

take a bow


  • (of a performer) acknowledge applause after a performance by bowing.

    ‘the music ended and the girl took a bow’
    • ‘the aides do the grind work while the boss takes the bows’
    • ‘A young woman takes a bow after her ‘performance’.’
    • ‘Her son Teddy, a musician in his own right who co-wrote some of the songs on her comeback album, tells her exasperatedly that she is meant to stay on stage at the end of her performance and take a bow, not scurry off into the wings.’
    • ‘When the conductor beckoned them to take a bow after the performance, the audience rose as one to acclaim them.’
    • ‘All in all a great performance from everyone so take a bow folks and congratulations to all involved.’
    • ‘The audience gave them a roar of applause as they took a bow.’
    • ‘Those who organised the various events and there were many, must take a bow, for all of their efforts.’
    • ‘As trading was described as being brisk throughout the weekend, the organisers of the 13 th Annual Foxford Craft Fair in Foxford must take a bow on a job very well done indeed.’
    • ‘The girls on stage took a bow and toddled offstage.’
    • ‘The girls filed past, and every other girl took a bow.’
    • ‘The band ends and the girls walk off after taking a bow.’
    • ‘One source familiar with the videotape said: ‘After throwing the vase, he takes a bow like he's just completed a performance on stage and then he takes a karate stance.’’
    • ‘When the song was over, everyone applauded and Hailey took a bow.’
    • ‘Charles, after seeing his partner run off, went to the center of the stage and took a bow, after which he was given tremendous applause from the highly amused audience.’
    • ‘A pleasant applause filled the room and Will took a bow.’
    • ‘A great round of applause sounded, and she tried to stand up and take a bow, but fell to the ground laughing.’
    • ‘Finally, after our tearful father called an ambulance, Kelly jumped up, took a bow and said, ‘That was my impression of a dead baby bird!’’
    • ‘On a day when their three rookies took a bow, the away team could not repeat the spectacular start they had made a day earlier.’
    • ‘But he took a bow at the end with the rest of the cast and no attempt was made to remove him, so he was clearly part of the conception rather than a madman who had wandered in off the street.’
    • ‘At the end, about 30 came out and clapped and took a bow.’
    • ‘It was smiles all round in Killarney as students took a bow at a special graduation ceremony.’