Definition of take a leak in English:

take a leak


  • Urinate.

    • ‘A guy is standing taking a leak over the water onto the dead body.’
    • ‘Of course, what really happened was slightly less horrible; someone took a leak outside the cells, and the gentle Caribbean breeze carried a jot of pee through a ventilation grill.’
    • ‘He immediately jumped right in the new box and took a leak.’
    • ‘Tom drives a lot for work, and one day on the open road, finding himself in need of a pee, did what all men do, parked up on a convenient verge and took a leak into the hedgerow.’
    • ‘Or maybe it was as simple as the grateful look he gave me as he took a leak on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘I was about to say something pious about wayside shrines and the spiritual consolation of passers-by, when he said, ‘It's to stop people from taking a leak there.’’
    • ‘They grin at me in the morning when I'm taking a leak, but they say very little.’
    • ‘Even ‘comfort breaks’ - service industry-speak for taking a leak - have to be logged into the system, using a special code.’
    • ‘You could see a guy standing at the urinal taking a leak.’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure that taking a leak in the street is an arrestable offence if you're not a dog or a toddler.’