Definition of take aim in English:

take aim


  • Point a weapon or camera at a target.

    ‘Kearny took aim with his pistol’
    • ‘take aim, fire!’
    • ‘It was eerie to stroll along the lakeshore from apartment to classroom and back past dozens of small thin reclining military figures taking aim at imaginary targets with outstretched rifles.’
    • ‘Under the blazing sun, young men are flat on their belly, their hands resting lightly on service rifles as they prepare to take aim for the target practice.’
    • ‘He took aim at the target and fired, a perfect bulls eye, and with not even a single sound emitted.’
    • ‘Ryan squinted, closing his left eye as he took aim at this narrow target.’
    • ‘She felt the bow in her firm grip as she took aim at the target, the silvery arrow pointing away from her.’
    • ‘But then you feel the eyes - the eyes of the cameras sweeping around, taking aim, trying to tag you.’
    • ‘He held the gun out in front of him as if he was taking aim at a target.’
    • ‘When the flashlight went off, they took aim in the direction of the light.’
    • ‘Even the chaplain was taking aim at enemy positions.’
    • ‘Then recock the barrel correctly to its original position, take aim and squeeze the trigger.’
    aim, point, direct, level, line something up, turn something on, fix something on, sight, position, focus