Definition of take issue with in English:

take issue with


  • Disagree with; challenge.

    ‘she takes issue with the notion of crime as unique to contemporary society’
    • ‘But note that he understood what I was getting at, even though he passionately disagreed, and took issue with my bitchy tone.’
    • ‘So, it's not the contents of the documents that you're taking issue with.’
    • ‘It is always worrying when people disagree with you by taking issue with an argument you never proposed.’
    • ‘Tell us what it was that you heard that you took issue with?’
    • ‘Stephen Smith is also taking issue with what it's going to cost taxpayers to sell the Government's message.’
    • ‘What Frank's taking issue with here is Kerry's sharing a platform with and seeking the support of veterans.’
    • ‘Ellen Willis takes issue with what she sees as our emphasis on small-scale change that does not challenge structural inequality.’
    • ‘What Burrows takes issue with though is not the bans themselves, but bans that are a back-door means of protectionism.’
    • ‘So, we can take issue with that, we could debate that, but that's kind of irrelevant right now.’
    • ‘But it's not the American military I want to take issue with in this particular instance.’
    disagree, fail to agree, be in dispute, be in contention, be at variance, be at odds, be at loggerheads, not see eye to eye, argue, quarrel