Definition of take leave of one's senses in English:

take leave of one's senses


  • (in hyperbolic use) go insane.

    ‘she began to beat her chest as though she had taken leave of her senses’
    • ‘But five months ago, the Washington Post editors completely took leave of their senses.’
    • ‘Or was it the telecom bosses and their financiers who took leave of their senses?’
    • ‘So, from now until Christmas Day, this column will address the delicate subject of how to cook and entertain your way through the festive season without taking leave of your senses.’
    • ‘He is old and senile, and sometimes takes leave of his senses.’
    • ‘She truly does take leave of her senses where her Earl is concerned.’
    become insane, lose one's reason, lose one's mind, take leave of one's senses, go off one's head, go crazy