Definition of take leave to do something in English:

take leave to do something


  • Venture or presume to do something.

    ‘whether this amounts to much, one may take leave to doubt’
    • ‘If there is a problem with mainstream media bias, which I take leave to doubt, the solution is not in a million blogs but in the conscious and deliberate pursuit of objectivity and even-handed treatment of the news.’
    • ‘In my calmer moments, however, I take leave to doubt whether that is so.’
    • ‘Otherwise, they might find hungry folks taking leave to make a fuel stop at the petrol station next door.’
    • ‘So the wind had a definite ball getting her hair to look decisively disheveled, before finally taking leave to go wherever it wanted to next.’
    • ‘I would take leave to think that we - we need to be a little more precise about it.’