Definition of take someone up on in English:

take someone up on

phrasal verb

  • 1Challenge or question a speaker on (a particular point)

    ‘the interviewer did not take him up on his quotation’
    • ‘But I have to take you up on your question - your question to Frank Rich.’
  • 2Accept (an offer or challenge) from someone.

    ‘I'd like to take you up on that offer’
    • ‘I realized how stupid I was acting and decided to take him up on the offer, silently accepting the pudding snack.’
    • ‘Fortunately, I don't have time to take her up on her offer, so Amherst audiences were mercifully spared.’
    • ‘You know we've been sitting here all day just waiting for some handsome cowboy to come save us and you know not a one has took us up on the offer.’
    • ‘When we took them up on their kind offer the next day, they went one step further and Jim said, ‘Hell, take the Buick!’’
    • ‘The ad promoted six-month subscriptions to the Post by offering six movie tickets to people who took them up on the offer.’
    • ‘I took Slooh up on their offer of a test drive, and here's what I found.’
    • ‘She took me up on the offer (not so much for my winning personality, but more for the fact that her parents can be a little overpowering more often than not).’
    • ‘I am delighted I took him up on his very kind offer.’
    • ‘As it is rare for James to actually make an effort to speak or spend time with me, and although I felt like having a sleep, I took him up on the offer.’
    • ‘A single Frenchman took him up on the offer, and Travis was true to his word.’