Definition of take something in one's stride in English:

take something in one's stride


  • Deal with something difficult or unpleasant in a calm and accepting way.

    ‘I told her what had happened and she took it all in her stride’
    • ‘Fortunately she did not find the IVF regime too unpleasant and took the process in her stride.’
    • ‘So, although the outcome of this war is not in doubt, we may have to take some unpleasant surprises in our stride.’
    • ‘I know never to expect anything from the criminal justice system, so you are trying to be calm and take it in your stride.’
    • ‘It was as if whatever happens I will take it in my stride and will accept my challenges as they come.’
    • ‘I just take it in my stride, but it's kind of hurtful to the families that are involved.’
    • ‘I have to take it in my stride and take a few deep breaths and manage it in the most mature way I can.’
    • ‘He adapted well to these changes and took things in his stride.’
    • ‘He was a man who thrived on challenge, who took obstacles in his stride; he was proud of it.’
    • ‘A person of unassuming nature, she took things in her stride and was independent by nature.’
    • ‘When the time came for Ruby to step into the spotlight, she took things in her stride.’
    deal with easily, cope with easily, think nothing of, accept as quite normal, accept as quite usual, not bat an eyelid
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