Definition of take the stand in English:

take the stand


  • Testify at a trial.

    ‘Today, he took the stand to testify at the trial of his neighbor, charged with the murder.’
    • ‘And for an eight-minute period, as Admiral Konetzni testified, when he took the stand during the court of inquiry, I got ahead of my crew.’
    • ‘The 32-year-old took the stand and testified in a L.A. courtroom yesterday.’
    • ‘And being goofy, as you've called him - and this is just speculative, of course, but do you think, had he taken the stand in the criminal trial, the outcome would have been different?’
    • ‘The judge said he could take the stand and testify without having to talk or be cross-examined about those alleged armed robberies.’
    • ‘My question to the panel is if you think Scott will take the stand at trial.’
    • ‘Lopez is the first celebrity to take the stand in the trial, and prosecutors say he will not be the last.’
    • ‘Throughout the first two weeks of the trial, numerous plaintiffs took the stand, describing the atrocities they experienced and witnessed while attending the Port Alberni Residential School.’
    • ‘Of the 13 witnesses who took the stand during the trial, which was held behind closed doors at the request of the prosecutors, only one identified Ivankov as the man who pulled the trigger, Rakitin said.’
    • ‘This afternoon, Peter Falconio's brother Paul took the stand, and testified that neither he nor his parents had heard a word from Falconio since the night he disappeared.’