Definition of take up in English:

take up

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phrasal verb

  • 1take something up, take up somethingBecome interested or engaged in a pursuit.

    • ‘she took up tennis at the age of 11’
    become involved in, become interested in, engage in, participate in, take part in, practise, follow
    1. 1.1Begin to hold or fulfill a position or post.
      • ‘he left to take up an appointment as a missionary’
    2. 1.2Accept an offer or challenge.
      • ‘most residents took up the offer of refurbished equipment’
      accept, take up, take on, undertake
      accept, say yes to, agree to, accede to, adopt, get, gain
  • 2take something up, take up somethingOccupy time, space, or attention.

    • ‘I don't want to take up any more of your time’
    consume, fill, absorb, use, use up, occupy
  • 3take something up, take up somethingPursue a matter later or further.

    • ‘he'll have to take it up with the bishop’
    1. 3.1also take something up, take up somethingResume speaking after an interruption.
      • ‘I took up where I had left off’
      resume, recommence, restart, begin again, carry on, continue, carry on with, pick up, return to
  • 4take something up, take up somethingShorten a garment by turning up the hem.

    • ‘when I got home my grandmother took up the skirt’
    shorten, make shorter, turn up
  • 5take someone up, take up someoneAdopt someone as a student or trainee.

    • ‘he took him up as his assistant’