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take up with

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phrasal verb

  • take up with someoneBegin to associate with someone, especially in a way disapproved of by the speaker.

    ‘he soon took up with a rough crowd and began to drink, smoke, and gamble’
    • ‘The narcissism of the pervert, who is interested in sex only as extreme sensation nurtured in solitary fantasy, is best illustrated by a vulgar movie star Charlotte takes up with in season three.’
    • ‘Thrice-married screen legend takes up with 19-year-old starlet?’
    • ‘As the film begins, she dumps him and takes up with one of his younger, upwardly-mobile colleagues.’
    • ‘‘I wouldn't mind taking up with up with her,’ another chuckled.’
    • ‘Maggie takes up with and marries Prince Amerigo, an impecunious Italian nobleman with a wreck of a castle in his homeland.’
    • ‘In 1984, during what was supposed to be Juliet's junior year of high school, she dropped out for good, took up with a girlfriend, moved to a skanky part of town, and started delivering pizza to pay for pot, coke, and lots of alcohol.’
    • ‘Willcox is 42, but will make a convincing Dora Maar, the half-French, half-Yugoslavian woman who was 29 when she took up with the 54-year-old artist in 1936.’
    • ‘I moved to Toronto and took up with a crew of no-nukes anarchists.’
    • ‘At 21, Caroline took up with Philippe Junot, a feckless playboy 17 years her senior.’
    become friendly with, become friends with, go around with, go along with, fall in with, join up with, string along with, get involved with, start seeing
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