Definition of talaq in English:



mass noun
  • (in Islamic law) divorce effected by the husband's enunciation of the word ‘talaq’, this constituting a formal repudiation of his wife.

    • ‘In the Prophet's time, Nadvi explains, divorce took the form of the husband uttering the word talaq three times, spaced over three consecutive menstrual cycles of the wife.’
    • ‘As is well known, a wife does not have the unilateral power of divorce by talaq which a Muslim husband has by long tradition.’
    • ‘Kusum is peremptorily divorced by her husband who gives her talaq with no qualms.’
    • ‘About talaq - the most discussed and misunderstood issue of the community - she said that it is not a question of delivering one or three at a time.’
    • ‘Recently, Afsana Mushtaq (name changed) in Delhi became the first Indian woman to be digitally divorced when her husband e-mailed her the triple talaq.’
    dissolution, annulment, official separation, judicial separation, separation, disunion, break-up, split, split-up, severance, rupture, breach, parting


From Arabic ṭalaq, from ṭalaqa ‘repudiate’.