Definition of Talib in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtalɪb/


  • A member of the Taliban.

    • ‘For a moment I thought he was a Talib.’
    • ‘For example I cannot accept the Talib point of view.’
    • ‘In the Talib's mantra the revolution is personal.’
    • ‘They were threatening me, saying, you are Pashtun, so you are a Talib.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the "national criminals" are back in power and so if you're a sincere Talib you have no choice but to fight on.’
    • ‘The Talib had a Kalashnikov in his hand.’
    • ‘The young Talib asked me if I thought the Americans would attack Afghanistan.’
    • ‘When questioned about the army's collusion with militants, the major general said that he is not fighting as a Talib.’


Arabic ṭālib ‘student, seeker of knowledge’ (see Taliban).