Definition of Talibanize in English:


(British Talibanise)


[with object]
  • Make similar to the Taliban or its regime, especially through the imposition of an ideology based on a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

    ‘their campaign to Talibanize the country’
    • ‘He is proposing that we convert ourselves into a Talibanized society in order to keep them from trying to force us to Talibanize our society.’
    • ‘It gives momentum to them in their campaign to Talibanize the country.’
    • ‘She made some comment to the effect asking those guys not to Talibanize the country.’
    • ‘They have been trying to Talibanise the province by setting up a department of virtue and vice.’
    • ‘They called it an attempt to Talibanise the education.’
    • ‘The militant group and its directive to adhere to Islamic principles is seen by senior state officials as attempt to "Talibanise" the society.’
    • ‘Government ministers publicly rebuked him for wanting to "Talibanise" the country.’