Definition of talik in English:



  • An area of unfrozen ground surrounded by permafrost.

    • ‘Pitty considered that even under extreme permafrost development, taliks would be present beneath major rivers in the Scllafield area.’
    • ‘Methane is formed in taliks from the organic matter buried in permafrost and gets to rivers from there.’
    • ‘Occasional tritium in some samples at depth indicate a combination of gradients from mine drawdown and taliks allowing recharge of modern fresh water to depth.’
    • ‘Phantom and Astro lakes are sufficiently large to sustain through taliks and faulting beneath the lakes may also provide conduits into the subsurface.’
    • ‘Here, permafrost underlies almost in all types of landscape, but taliks (thawed ground) with temperature of 0-1oC mostly occur on southern slopes of mountains and along the Hövsgöl lakeshore.’


1940s from Russian, from tayatʹ ‘melt’.