Definition of talk show in English:

talk show


  • A chat show, especially one in which listeners, viewers, or the studio audience are invited to participate in the discussion.

    as modifier ‘a talk-show host’
    • ‘Zeinab discovers why the spread of mobile phones has transformed the radio talk show in Africa.’
    • ‘She has also presented a wide range of other programmes including her own talk show, Esther.’
    • ‘Initially, it was a little knotty to proceed, as a talk show needed participation from the audience.’
    • ‘Anne Robinson takes a break from The Weakest Link to host a new talk show called Guess Who's Coming To Dinner.’
    • ‘Yeah, a great way to learn something about human nature is to book a Sunday talk show.’
    • ‘She has appeared regularly on television and hosted her own talk show.’
    • ‘We didn't see much of the Admiral after that, but apparently he's been hosting a talk show on the Internet.’
    • ‘You know, between hosting a talk show and saving the world, life gets very busy for people.’
    • ‘Reports say that Sahara TV is negotiating with Lalloo Yadav to host a talk show on their channel.’
    • ‘I always listen to the daily talk show on my town's only alternative station we have.’
    • ‘Maybe he should try his hand on something easier like coaching or hosting a talk show first.’
    • ‘It was a clip from a talk show hosted by some guy called Joe King.’
    • ‘Years ago, Alan Thicke was the host of a late-night talk show that had me on as a guest.’
    • ‘I've heard that she has been signed up to host a daytime talk show in the summer to give a bit of oomph to ITV's ratings.’


talk show