Definition of talk someone around in English:

talk someone around

(British talk someone round)

phrasal verb

  • Bring someone to a particular point of view by talking.

    • ‘Or maybe we can talk him around with one more argument; or perhaps his new colleagues can talk him around.’
    • ‘I didn't really want to go, but he talked me round.’
    • ‘I kept wanting to break it off but somehow he always talked me round.’
    • ‘One of our members has been cultivating vines for 20 years and was ready to throw in the towel he is that fed-up, but hopefully we have talked him round.’
    • ‘She eventually talked him round and he left empty-handed.’
    • ‘She wasn't sure about putting the two of you together but I talked her round.’
    • ‘She was set against it at first because of the laws against it, but I talked her around.’
    • ‘They tried to talk me round, but I had already made up my mind.’
    • ‘When there's trouble I can talk people round, I don't have to be physical.’
    • ‘Her mother's a pretty strident feminist though and she talked her father round.’
    persuade, prevail on, bring round, win over, influence, sway, convert, affect, bias