Definition of talk something over (or through) in English:

talk something over (or through)

phrasal verb

  • Discuss something thoroughly.

    ‘Collins wanted to talk over our arrangements for doing the work’
    ‘he needed to spend time talking through his feelings’
    • ‘One of the best parts of the movie for me was talking the movie over with friends, discussing our own interpretations.’
    • ‘As to the secret of 60 years of marriage, Ronald says: ‘We discussed everything and we talked our problems over.’’
    • ‘You can stay the whole break if you wish, Rose and I have thoroughly talked it over.’
    • ‘Every so often I like to get together with all my chefs to talk things through, discuss suppliers, chat about what should and shouldn't be on the menus, that sort of thing.’
    • ‘It says here that the secret of a happy marriage is communication, talking things through.’
    • ‘We want to talk these proposals through with the community.’
    • ‘He talked it over with his sister, discussing details of the condition and whether his portrayal was right or wrong.’
    • ‘I'm used to talking things through and most of all sticking with until it's really un-fixable or someone falls out of love.’
    • ‘It brought the subject to the fore and we talked things through.’
    • ‘But I want to see a public debate on these questions so the church can talk things through now rather than later on.’
    • ‘He had talked it over with Carol Anne and Paige and after much discussion had decided to go for it.’
    • ‘The bartenders talk it through, reviewing the recipe, measuring and tasting and discussing the drink's fine points.’
    • ‘It was only as I was slowly talking my way through the question that I realised it was a trick question.’
    • ‘I am a great believer in talking things through.’
    • ‘He had initially planned to retire at the end of the 2001-2002 season but then changed his mind after talking things through with his family.’
    • ‘We considered our options last night and after talking things through with our advisor decided to pull the plug on the ill fated mortgage application.’
    • ‘After talking things through we wandered back upstairs to inquire about our boy.’
    • ‘I thought his remarks were disrespectful, but after talking things over with him I realised I read too much into them.’
    • ‘I talked things over with my family, because I would need their support if I were to accomplish what I wanted to do.’
    • ‘They talked things over before heading on to Carrington.’