Definition of talk the talk in English:

talk the talk


  • Speak fluently or convincingly about something or in a way intended to please or impress others.

    ‘we may not look like true rock jocks yet, but we talk the talk’
    • ‘She talks the talk of the natural childbirth movement, which campaigns against the ‘doctor knows best’ approach to pregnancy and birth.’
    • ‘Going to football, or at least talking the talk, allowed politicians and journalists to express their common touch.’
    • ‘While Henry talked the talk, we were never very sure that he understood what was going on around him.’
    • ‘They talked the talk but when it came to the moment of truth they couldn't walk the walk.’
    • ‘When it comes to joined-up government, ministers can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?’
    • ‘They talk the talk, too: in interviews, the music-literate Gilbert is at pains to detail how he aspires to make music to get lost in.’
    • ‘In his favour, the Hawaiian-born personal finance author doesn't just talk the talk.’
    • ‘Even if he could talk the talk, it's hard to imagine a man like him blending in with the crowd.’
    • ‘As I observed the transactions around me I quickly appreciated that I was in the presence of the masters - from traders talking the talk to seasoned shoppers haggling for a good price.’
    • ‘I am worried that they are just talking the talk, that they're just trying make things look good right now.’