Definition of talk to the hand in English:

talk to the hand


(also tell it to the hand)
  • in imperative Used as a contemptuous way of dismissing what someone has said (often accompanied by a gesture in which the palm of the hand is held in front of the original speaker's face)

    • ‘talk to the hand, girl, 'cos the face ain't listening’
    • ‘Now talk to the hand 'cause the head ain't listening.’
    • ‘I half expected him to snap his fingers and in a sassy voice proclaim "talk to the hand."’
    • ‘"Talk to the hand", was always his reply.’
    • ‘"Talk to the hand, grandma."’
    • ‘Jupiter says "talk to the hand", and reports Debbie to security.’
    • ‘And if he won't even discuss it meaningfully in the first place, then yes, you might want to tell him to talk to the hand.’
    • ‘I don't have any idea; I tried to ask him and all he did was shout "talk to the hand" back at me until I left the room.’
    • ‘Talk to the hand 'cause the rich and powerful ain't listening to you.’
    • ‘I am so tired of your rants so from now on tell it to the hand cos the face ain't listenin' as they say in your fave culture.’
    • ‘If you have any constructive corrections, then I'm open to suggestions but iff all you have are put downs and bad mouthing, then tell it to the hand, and step off.’