Definition of talk turkey in English:

talk turkey


informalNorth American
  • Discuss something frankly and straightforwardly.

    ‘she promised to go talk turkey with the representatives’
    • ‘What a cherished American tradition - to eat turkey and talk turkey at the same time.’
    • ‘Both men checked their egos and preconceived notions and talked turkey.’
    • ‘At the hearing, it was the academics who talked turkey, and took on the real world.’
    • ‘So, are you ready to talk turkey about your project?’
    • ‘It's been an opportunity to talk turkey about poetry.’
    • ‘Because you genuinely like this family and have proven your friendship, you need to talk turkey to Jane, explaining what parents are for.’
    • ‘As it happens, he was one of the few politicians willing to talk turkey about tax.’
    • ‘No venue has been set as yet for this coming Christmas, but the usual suspects will talk turkey at some point.’
    • ‘Can anyone really talk turkey about something as personal as a show they've written and performed?’
    • ‘It's easy to talk turkey on traditional strategies like building an extension to facilitate more manufacturing.’
    confer, discuss, talk, talk things over, have a talk, exchange views, have discussions, converse, communicate, parley