Definition of talkfest in English:



North American informal
  • A session of lengthy discussion or conversation, especially a television chat show or debate.

    • ‘It seems unlikely that any new visions about how to fight racism globally will emerge, but a talkfest is certainly welcome.’
    • ‘John Howard says the special heads of government meeting won't be a talkfest.’
    • ‘This bill is about talkfests, about planning, and about bureaucracy, when we need leadership and decisive action.’
    • ‘They would know that all that would happen would be more talkfests and more arguing, and not one new piece of roading would be built.’
    • ‘It sounds like a lot of talkfests, so how will it really lead to change on the ground?’
    • ‘What needs to be understood in the debate about public liability insurance - now destined for Canberra and a talkfest between the Commonwealth and the States next month - is that nobody ever wants to get injured.’
    • ‘Starting with much fanfare and promise of regional trade liberalization about 15 years ago, APEC has since lost its shine; though it still is an important talkfest for regional leaders.’
    • ‘Eight hundred delegates, predominately practising and aspiring independent documentary makers and those who study the craft, attended the four-day talkfest and marketplace.’
    • ‘There's an enormous conference in Austria this week called Money, Happiness and Impatience, with the best and the brightest, and the World Bank, jetting in for the talkfest.’
    • ‘The original Fab Five will arrive in Sydney on August 23 for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it talkfest to launch their new single, Sunrise.’
    • ‘Last week saw delegates gather for their annual talkfest on whaling, at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Italy.’
    • ‘That is all it will be; it will be an expensive talkfest.’
    • ‘But on Friday I went to a talkfest that actually got me thinking.’
    • ‘You may think it is a mere talkfest, but there are actually complex arguments around ownership of property and the ability to make money from farming.’
    • ‘The skepticism is justified because past administrations have made them grandiose promises that fell flat as soon as the talkfest was over.’
    • ‘But many wonder how a high-level talkfest with no agenda can succeed.’
    • ‘In fact business generally gave the talkfest a wide berth.’
    • ‘Other suggestions include a national infrastructure summit, but this would be a talkfest of little long-term value.’
    • ‘The film succeeds as a perceptive character study, demonstrating how emotional complexity can be obtained from the simplicity of a lean, well-written, two-person talkfest.’
    • ‘It is possible to predict in advance that the official pronouncements of this talkfest will be just as righteous and rosy as the last - and just as worthless.’