Definition of tallier in English:



See tally

  • ‘Most importantly, it does not protect voters’ privacy if the tallier and validator collude.’
  • ‘For example, the talliers can compute a so-called hash of the tally, and each would then sign his hash.’
  • ‘In our system, the voter receives a receipt confirming her vote, and does not need to trust any pollster to correctly encrypt her vote, or convey it to the talliers.’
  • ‘The candidates or persons interested in the ballot question, their counsel, watchers, and talliers shall be allowed to observe each ballot as it is called and to take notes as they desire for their own records.’
  • ‘After the voting booths have closed, a set of talliers decrypt the encrypted votes with the aid of the mix network, to obtain the final tally, but without revealing or being able to notice the relationship between votes cast and votes in the tally.’