Definition of tally-ho in English:



  • A huntsman's cry to the hounds on sighting a fox.

    • ‘I stood up in my stirrups as tall as I could get and shouted, "Tally ho!" at the top of my lungs.’
    • ‘I called "Tally ho" again, and watched with pleasure as Darter came bounding out of the underbrush behind me.’
    • ‘Giddyup is gone and tallyho is here… toss the cowboy hat and pull up the jodhpers, western evolves to English equestrian.’


  • 1A cry of ‘tally-ho’

    ‘with a final tally-ho, they began wading forward’
    • ‘If we could offer a tip it would be to never say tally-ho, whatever the provocation.’
    • ‘Fair enough, a lot of the people marching at the weekend do like a bit of the old tally-ho.’
    • ‘Labour backbenchers are confident the last tally-ho will soon echo across Britain's countryside.’
    • ‘A-hunting we will go no more, chaps… No more tally-ho across the shires then, no more hunting horns skirling across the frosty banks of willows in the winter morning.’
    • ‘Yes, and I'm off to clean up now, so tally-ho, Englandman.’
  • 2historical A fast horse-drawn coach.

    • ‘They also took over similar services at all of the mountain hotels, the last, Glacier House in 1915 by which time they had 80 tally-hos, coaches, carriages and wagons and 146 head of driving horses.’
    • ‘Horses trotted through the dirt streets, pulling buckboards and tally-hos past slower-moving electrified trolley cars.’
    • ‘He jumped over the ropes and ran swiftly across the field, leaving Reggie to saunter along at his leisure, bowing to the ladies in the grandstand and on the tally-hos as he passed.’
    • ‘In New York City, there was an annual coaching parade during which such rigs as four-in-hands and tally-hos coursed down Fifth Avenue.’
    • ‘There was always great excitement among the fans just before game time as people arrived by horseback and in tally-hos or fancy carriages to cheer for their favorite team.’

verbtally-hoes, tally-hoing, tally-hoed

[no object]
  • Utter a cry of ‘tally-ho’.

    • ‘Relying on a load of riders tally-hoing randomly across the countryside can't possibly be effective on any realistic scale.’
    • ‘He was hale and hearty and tally-hoed after the fox for two hours.’
    • ‘The gameplay involves a lot of tally-hoing across the countryside in search of treasure, monsters, and all manner of mayhem.’
    • ‘I wonder how many people have seen that cross as he tally-hoes across the country.’
    • ‘Hunting conventions - tail coats, red waist coats, high leather boots, tally-hoing and horn blowing - is a mite too celebratory for the cruelty that lays ahead.’


Late 18th century apparently an alteration of French taïaut, of unknown origin.