Definition of tamarack in English:



  • A slender North American larch.

    Larix laricina, family Pinaceae

    • ‘The forests include such conifers as red spruce, black spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, red pine, jack pine, eastern white pine, tamarack, eastern white cedar, and eastern hemlock.’
    • ‘Now the slender spires of tamarack and balsam fir dominated a scraggly forest, while impenetrable-looking layers of hardy shrubs filled the understorey.’
    • ‘Some characteristic tree species are black spruce, white spruce, tamarack, balsam poplar, dwarf birch, paper birch, shining willow, Bebb willow, and trembling aspen.’
    • ‘Perched on a tamarack just feet from the shoulder of the road was a Great Grey Owl.’
    • ‘Only such hardy species as aspen, black and white spruce, Labrador tea, and tamarack can withstand such conditions - which they do by actively transporting water out of their living cells at the start of winter.’


Early 19th century from Canadian French tamarac, probably of Algonquian origin.