Definition of tamasic in English:


Pronunciation /təˈmasik/ /təˈmæsɪk/


  • (in Ayurveda) denoting a class of foods that are dry, old, foul, or unpalatable, and are thought to promote pessimism, ignorance, laziness, criminal tendencies, and doubt.

    • ‘Please don't publish news promoting such tamasic food products as ‘Chicken Tikka Masala.’’
    • ‘The tamasic category includes meat and is attributed to a state of darkness, ignorance, lethargy and inactivity.’
    • ‘Although our Thai culture is one of meat eating, I try to promote vegetarianism among the youth, as I understand that meat is a tamasic food.’
    • ‘Reducing the amount of rajasic and tamasic foods in the diet initiates a shift in perception; however, to really feel the benefits it is important also to make some lifestyle changes.’
    • ‘Sattvic foods have an uplifting yet stabilizing influence, rajasic foods stimulate and can aggravate some aspects of the mind, heart or senses, and tamasic foods breed lethargy and are considered a deterrent to spiritual growth.’



/təˈmasik/ /təˈmæsɪk/