Definition of tamper-evident in English:



  • (of packaging) designed to reveal any interference with the contents.

    ‘all medicines now have a tamper-evident seal’
    • ‘To fill security gaps along the way, companies are investing in steps ranging from on-site surveillance cameras to swipe passes at plant entrances to improved seals and tamper-evident packaging.’
    • ‘For food safety, we use as much tamper-evident packaging as we can - safety seals on the plastic bottles, a fresh cap on our paper cartons.’
    • ‘Such a multi-purpose approach makes it easier for dairy customers, who can add one or two tamper-evident materials and benefit in numerous ways.’
    • ‘For lid-only solutions, we developed a proprietary/patent pending design for a tamper-evident lid.’
    • ‘When buying a drug product, consider the dosage form (for example, capsules, tablets, syrup), the type of packaging, and the tamper-evident features.’
    • ‘Bottles are filled with product that has passed through a metal detector, then are sealed with tamper-evident caps.’
    • ‘More than just a tamper-evident package on the shelf, we feel that processors are looking for manufacturing safety and traceability.’
    • ‘The combined package makes for better tamper-evident qualities than most competing caps in the market.’
    • ‘For safety and security purposes, the manufacturer also offers dual tamper-evident fitments, featuring external and internal tamper-evident designs, with a molded membrane and external tamper-evident band.’
    • ‘The duplicate record of designated targets was sealed by the randomiser in a plastic tamper-evident security bag.’
    • ‘The surge in extended shelf life milks, many packaged in PET bottles with tamper-evident closures, also affects plastic package.’
    • ‘‘Our latest is the Elo-Cap UP, which features an exterior tamper-evident band as well as pullplug dual tamper evidence,’ he says.’
    • ‘The manufacturer offers its dairy customers snap closures, screw closures, and combination snap-screw closures, in addition to a variety of foil closures, sports caps, and tamper-evident fitments for gable top cartons.’
    • ‘It's been shown that tamper-evident bands are more formidable to the consumer because they are visible - with a cap, you're not always sure and you can't see it right away.’
    • ‘The manufacturer recently rolled out a new tamper-evident pull ring with an easy-open closure, the ASC III, along with a new Alpha 5, an advanced snap-screw closure.’
    • ‘Last year, the manufacturer created a new closure for an Illinois dairy, replacing the previous shrink-banded cap with a new one-piece tamper-evident closure.’
    • ‘From recloseable features to tearoff openings to tamper-evident closures, it is clear that the film, bag or carton itself isn't the only focus of package development.’
    • ‘The bottles are filled, spun around for application of a one-piece tamper-evident cap and sent onward down the line for crating.’
    • ‘Additional opening directions instruct users to tear off the tamper-evident header strip, which exposes the slider.’
    • ‘A polypropylene tamper-evident membrane is applied to all paper-cup containers.’