Definition of tamper-proof in English:



  • Made so that it cannot be interfered with or changed.

    ‘driving licences with tamper-proof colour photographs’
    • ‘It's weatherproof and tamper-proof, and there's no reason why this ring couldn't be used as a ‘wallet’ for digital currency.’
    • ‘The minister has lectured all that would listen that his new system is tamper-proof and idiot-proof.’
    • ‘Apart from saving 9,000 tons of ballot papers the method was much more error-free and tamper-proof and, very importantly, less vulnerable to the violence and fraud problems of previous elections.’
    • ‘Yesterday he welcomed the new tamper-proof stopper: ‘Welcome to the market-place is what we say.’’
    • ‘Officials in the company say long-life milk is among the safest and healthiest milk options available to consumers all over the world as it is bacteria-free and packed in tamper-proof packs.’
    • ‘He says criminal organisations are definitely keeping pace with technological changes which are supposed to be making crucial documents such as passports and visas tamper-proof.’
    • ‘Alarms with a tamper-proof battery and lasting 10 years are available from the service's fire safety department on 01609 780150.’
    • ‘And on driver's licenses, we establish federal standards for tamper-proof driver's licenses.’
    • ‘The licenses issued under the new project will be tamper-proof ones, which can be issued on the very next day after receiving the applications, he said.’
    • ‘They will begin on-site inspections as well as leaving tamper-proof remote surveillance equipment.’
    • ‘Drink spiking is becoming such a major problem that an inventor today launched a device to make bottles tamper-proof.’
    • ‘The posters now need tamper-proof perspex frames fixed to walls with special screws to prevent the thievery.’
    • ‘If technology is high-quality - accurate, reliable, and tamper-proof - is there still a case to be made against remote voting?’
    • ‘The key to functional logistics security is a secure execution environment with tamper-proof, secure mechanisms.’
    • ‘Electronic medical records would help control access to genetic information, but they're not tamper-proof.’
    • ‘The system electronically assigns a unique, tamper-proof authorization code to individual surety bonds.’
    • ‘The low cost and tamper-proof characteristics may lead to applications in everyday objects such as envelopes and bank notes, the researchers predict.’
    • ‘The goal, obviously, is to make Internet communications confidential, tamper-proof, and reliably authenticated.’
    • ‘Records would be kept in tamper-proof containers in a safe at a secure location for release to the relevant state coroner as required.’
    • ‘But there's also the security issue to address - how can the designers ensure that their chip is tamper-proof?’
    resistant, impenetrable, impervious, repellent