Definition of tan (or whip) someone's hide in English:

tan (or whip) someone's hide


  • 1Beat or flog someone.

    • ‘Your cousin will tan my hide if I don't make certain that you're okay.’
    • ‘You had better leave before she gets back or she'll tan your hide for certain sure.’
    • ‘I remember when I was about 5 and I tried biting her because I couldn't have my own way over something - she was bruised for days, so was I. She bit me right back just as hard and then tanned my hide till I couldn't sit down.’
    • ‘My father would have tanned my hide if I pulled a stunt like that.’
    • ‘Jarrod found out he's been sneaking out at night and he tanned his hide.’
    • ‘Gimme any more lip and I'll tan your hide for all to see.’
    • ‘If your father hears you saying these things, he'll tan your hide.’
    • ‘Now Mirnola, you are not skipping out of here without a decent meal and a bath, or I'll tan your hide,’
    1. 1.1Punish someone severely.