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adjectiveadjective tangier, adjective tangiest

  • Having a strong, piquant flavor or smell.

    ‘a tangy salad’
    • ‘What was that delicious smell, at once tangy and spicy and somehow very Italian?’
    • ‘She could feel the wind blowing against her neck and smell the tangy scent of the ocean drifting on the breeze.’
    • ‘Master chefs have their hands full preparing a variety of delectable dishes with zany flavours and tangy tastes.’
    • ‘The soft clam absorbed much of the tangy, garlic flavour, but was not so savoury.’
    • ‘There was also a somewhat spicy red sauce on the side, adding to the fresh, tangy flavours.’
    • ‘This sort of starter is nearly always a success, with plenty of tangy flavours to whet the appetite.’
    • ‘The result is a soft-textured, juicy length of cassava with a tangy flavour.’
    • ‘I loaded a couple up with sweet and tangy beetroot salad, and suggested to a waiter that this must be a typical Finnish combination.’
    • ‘I chose the tabbouleh salad, a tangy mixture of tomatoes, onions, parsley and couscous.’
    • ‘As the dish is rich, I find it needs a tangy green salad to accompany it.’
    • ‘Made from a Jamaican herb, the red juice was both tangy and a little sour.’
    • ‘The lamb in this dish is cooked tender inside and a bit crispy outside and the sauce is tangy without being too spicy.’
    • ‘Poured over them was a very tasty, tangy barbecue sauce, which contained mushrooms.’
    • ‘The company's executive chef suggests anchoring your lunch with this tangy salad.’
    • ‘One of my favorite ginger uses is in this tangy salad dressing that's a cinch to make.’
    • ‘My salad was a taste explosion, with the tangy blue cheese, rich ham and tasty peppers fighting for attention.’
    • ‘My chicken curry looked appetising and the sauce was suitably tangy, with a welcome kick mellowed by the flavour of lime.’
    • ‘Two large wedges of cheese nestled among a salad of mixed leaves on a tangy raspberry sauce.’
    • ‘As the door opened and closed I could smell warmth and food and smoke on the tangy sea air.’
    • ‘The beef was tender and combined well with the tangy sharpness of the black bean and lengths of spring onion.’
    sharp-flavoured, sharp, zesty, acid, acidic, tart, sour, bitter, harsh, biting, piquant, spicy, tasty, flavoursome, pungent
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/ˈtaNGē/ /ˈtæŋi/