Definition of taniwha in English:


nountaniwha, taniwhas

  • A water monster of Maori legend.

    • ‘The doctor himself helpfully describes taniwhas as akin to goblins.’
    • ‘Work on a section of the new highway between Mercer and Long Swamp, dubbed the ‘Waikato Expressway’, has been put on hold after local Maori said they believe there is a taniwha in the way.’
    • ‘Maoris claimed putting a road through a taniwha's home would have been a major insult to all those who believed in the beast.’
    • ‘Goblins may still be lurking, but it is the taniwha that has been nurtured.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a taniwha emerged.’
    • ‘One day as she was bathing a taniwha (a legendary creature) seized her and dragged her down into his lair below the lake.’
    • ‘Apparently a part of the new highway would violate the home of a taniwha, a water-dwelling spirit guardian.’
    • ‘I need only remind members that the hold-up of work on the Highway was because of a taniwha.’
    • ‘There is example after example, and what does this bill do to deal with the matter so that we might not chase the taniwha when we are trying to build a road?’
    • ‘There is room for politics in the church, room for crosses and prayer mats and taniwha.’
    • ‘If people want to believe in tooth fairies, or leprechauns, or hobgoblins, or taniwha, or whatever, it is their right to do that.’
    • ‘Quite frankly, none of us could guarantee that the iwi's stories would not be made a mockery of in this House, as is so evident from derogatory remarks that are being, and have already been, made with regard to taniwha and the like.’
    • ‘But we're never going to stop a road because of taniwha.’
    • ‘The Environment Court then gets claims regarding taniwha and the like.’
    • ‘Does it mean that taniwha will be holding up motorway bridges again?’
    • ‘The Minister seems to be acknowledging that he has serious concerns about taniwha in Ruatoria.’
    • ‘"My village is surrounded by taniwha," she says.’
    • ‘This angered the gods so much that they caused the lake to boil so the taniwha would be destroyed.’





/ˈtanɪwɑː/ /ˈtanɪfa/