Definition of tank stand in English:

tank stand


Australian, New Zealand
  • A structure that supports a large container in which water is stored.

    ‘there's a shower out under the tank stand, near the jacaranda tree’
    • ‘There were other chairs, there was even a new one by the tank stand, the canvas taut, the wood unstained.’
    • ‘Today that 100 acres would support about 120 cows, and he had one cow bail underneath the tank stand to milk those cows.’
    • ‘When she came back, the goanna had not moved and was still on the tank stand.’
    • ‘Uninitiated observers have been known to mount a rain gauge under a tree or on the corner of a tank stand.’
    • ‘Without saying another word, Dad turned and walked resolutely toward the tank stand.’
    • ‘I would also like to have the specifications for a tank stand 10 feet high to take a 1,500 gallon tank.’
    • ‘The outdoor dunny had collapsed on itself, and the corrugated-iron shed tilted drunkenly towards the tank stand, itself developing a definite lean.’
    • ‘The boys crouched under the tank-stand ready for Ernie's lighting up time.’
    • ‘The frogs sat in the middle of the gravelled terrace blinking in astonishment then hopped resignedly under the tank-stand.’
    • ‘We went up to the Bates's place for a shower under the tank stand behind the house.’